At JustNaadiyas, we source high quality jewellery and use quality metals, stones & crystals. With that said, all jewellery can experience normal wear and tear over time. To extend the life of your jewellery, please ensure you are following all our essential tips. 

  • When not in use keep in your JustNaadiyas box/dustbag.
  • Avoid all chemical contact.
  • Avoid bathing with jewellery.
  • Remove all jewellery before sleeping.
  • Clean after each use - (Essential tip!)

We recommend that you handle all items with delicate care to ensure longevity. Please keep items in a cool dry place. Preferably your JustNaadiyas box/dustbag. Avoid any direct contact with water, perfume, creams, sweat or chlorinated water. Exposing plated jewelry to water and chemicals will cause the plating to disintegrate and oxidise. All metals will over time tarnish. With the right care you can help prevent this. Please bare this in mind and take care of your items accordingly.

If you have any queries / questions you can contact us at

Jewellery Polishing and Cleaning

If you think your jewellery needs a good clean follow our guidelines below:

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild all-natural soap with luke warm water in order to restore natural sparkle of your jewellery. Gently pat dry. Avoid rubbing or applying direct pressure to jewellery. Keep all stone jewellery facing down, avoid direct water contact into 

Use a soft lint free cloth or specifically made jewellery cloth to polish your jewellery. If this is not accessible to you a microfibre cloth/towel will also work accrodingly. 


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