Work From Home in Style this 2020 with Trending Swarovski Earrings

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, many people have been forced to work from home, which means essentially staying in has officially become the new going out. While we spend more time in the comfort of our own home and aside from figuring out how to stop ourselves from eating the whole snack draw, knowing what to wear is one of the most common difficulties associated with staying indoors. Because why bother to get dressed at all?

Getting dressed, applying makeup and wearing your fave jewellery is one of the best ways to boost your mood and keep productivity levels high. Our best seller this quarantine period has been our Swarovski crystal earrings. Many new and repeat purchase customers purchased many pairs of Swarovski earrings, and in particular, our Swarovski drop earrings.

I assume there's a real good feeling associated with buying luxury products when you can't do anything else, fulfilling this emptiness inside? (Ha!) Or are our Swarovski earrings just the perfect work from home zoom edition for a 'put together' video look to your team? Who knows! But at JustNaadiyas, we got you covered.

Our most popular Swarovski crystal earrings below:

Isla Swarovski Silver Baguette Halo Stud Earrings (£50) -

These Swarovski crystal earrings are essentials right now! Made of sterling silver and beautifully designed for JustNaadiyas. A baguette-cut Swarovski crystal earrings set between four prongs with halo detail. Oval shape finish. Wear solo for a statement look or together with other JustNaadiyas earrings for an elevated evening look.

Lola Swarovski Silver Princess Stud Earrings (£35) -

These Swarovski earrings will be perfect for any day time stay at home look. A beautiful pair of earrings that have a large Princess cut Swarovski crystal earrings set between four prongs. Simple and elegant.

Quarantine must have been the time for love because one pair of earrings that we had to restock multiple times are our – Cia Swarovski Silver Heart-Shaped Stud Earrings – £55. These Swarovski heart earrings have been a HOT fave during the past couple of months. Staying indoors for most of the day meant no doubt your other half or sibling was getting on your nerves. What better present to show your love then Swarovski heart earrings? (Cute!)

Staying in has never felt so good, drop the stereotypical stay at home attire and focus on luxury with a heavy dose of sophistication added, to your weekly video call. Our Swarovski drop earrings are the solution that hit the sweet spot between comfort and chic.

Shop the look – Lyla Swarovski Silver Trilliant Cut Drop Earrings - £135. Our Lyla Swarovski drop earrings are trilliant-cut with a round cut stud front. Outer halo detail makes this unique design one of a kind — weighted feel for a real luxury feel, made for the woman who loves sparkle. A must-have for the wardrobe.

Last but not least – Rana Swarovski Silver Drop Earrings - £110. Beautifully designed and crafted our Rana Swarovski earrings are made up of marquise, baguette and round cut crystals with a pearl stud top. It's a unique design never seen before and detailed to perfection. The essential Swarovski drop earrings every woman needs in her collection.

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