Why you should choose Sterling Silver jewellery

One thing we are very conscious of is the quality of our jewellery. JustNaadiyas prides itself on quality - It’s one of the most important things. One of the first things we consider when manufacturing our jewellery is the type of metal used. It is imperative that our jewellery not only looks good but is also durable.

 Most of our jewellery is Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% of silver by weight and 7.5% of other metals - usually copper. Pure silver is incredibly soft on its own and therefore has to be mixed in this particular ratio to ensure its strength and lifeline. 

 4 Step Design Process:

Every piece of jewellery starts with a concept. A concept is basically a rough design in the mind of the designer normally using CAD systems. 


Once the design process is complete. The design is printed and used to make a high technology mould. This mould is then used to make wax reproductions of the Jewelry. This is in phase 1. 


The wax model is now used to produce the desired shape of the piece designed using silver metal. 


Your shape is now complete, and we’re nearly done! Setting consists in attaching a precious stone/crystal to a metal mount by moving part of the metal. The most common technique for solitary stones is by using prong/claw settings! 

 Polish & Final Checks 

All jewellery is then polished to the highest degree of smoothness - At least twice. Rest assured, all pieces are then quality checked with excessive amounts of attention to detail. This process is only done by professionals and can be very time-consuming. 

We like our customers to be in the know. We make sure you are educated and knowledgeable when purchasing with JustNaadiyas - the saying - You know what you’re buying!

FUN FACT - Sterling Silver has increased strength than other metals such as gold. Thus, Sterling Silver is incredibly useful!


Why we use Sterling Silver?

Hypo Allergenic

Many people around the world are actually allergic to nickel. Nickel is what is used in most inexpensive fast fashion jewellery shops. When it comes to wearing nickel jewellery, many face itching, scabbing and irritating skin issues. Wearing Sterling Silver, which is a perfect hypo allergic alternative means you never face skin issues.


One of the main reasons to choose sterling silver jewellery is it’s increased longevity. It’s more reliable than pure silver, gold, and other precious metals. The high-quality sterling silver is stretch resistant meaning by a using a few aftercare methods – We wrote a blog on aftercare! (Click Here) you can prolong your jewellerys life considerably. 

3. Accessibility & Versatility 

Each month we drop new and innovative designs to keep you up to date with the latest styles aswell as unique and not seen before pieces. We ensure all our Sterling Silver jewellery is reasonably priced as it is important for us to become your go to for luxury affordable jewelley.

You can shop by section on our website to view jewellery category by category or choose to browse all. We’ve got you covered from earrings (inc drop & studs) to tennis bracelets aswell as adjustable sliders, stacking and dainty necklaces and a variety of rings. There’s something for everyone.

sterling silver oval cut ring

 We hope you enjoyed reading this one! Feel free to leave a comment below. We love reading them! 


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