What makes Swarovski Jewellery so Special?

What makes Swarovski Jewellery so Special?

August 18, 2020

As certified Swarovski stockists, we have received thousands of questions over the past year. And we get it. The science behind Swarovski loose crystals is exceptionally complex, and while we know the basics – That Swarovski crystals are made up of quartz sand and natural minerals. Swarovski won’t reveal it’s the secretive manufacturing process.

The combination of a secret chemical formula and the highest degree of precision-cut produces the world-renowned Swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are more expensive than regular glass due to the time, materials and process. 

Generally speaking, round stones are most often used for jewellery, but many clothing designers also use them for textile embellishment. The Swarovski crystals used for most jewellery and ours too are known as chatons AKA round stones. This is the crystal set in all of our Swarovski crystal bracelets, Swarovski crystal rings and Swarovski crystal earrings.

At JustNaadiyas, we carry a curated Collection of Swarovski Jewellery tailored to you for any occasion. Find yourself browsing through our Swarovski crystal bracelets for an event or get lost searching for your desired Swarovski crystal ring. We know how hard decisions can be so we have made it as easy as possible for you by providing you with precise images so you can decide which Swarovski crystal earrings you want. And while we’re here, halo or no halo? The classic silver studs are essential, but we are forever restocking our Aaliyah round halo studs, they are the perfect pair. You can check them out here!

Let’s not forget about our best sellers this season and EVERY season our Swarovski crystal rings. Each crystal is individually set and metals delicately plated. This means you’ll have to take extra special care when wearing, cleaning and handling. Our rings are beautifully designed, with detail being our top attribute.

Correct and careful storage is essential to look after your Swarovski jewellery. Be sure to keep it in the JustNaadiyas jewellery box it came in to avoid it getting scratched, stained or bumped! We also recommend keeping your Swarovski crystal bracelets stored separately from others to avoid any tangles... (Trust me, it’s a painful process to untangle!)

To avoid any discolouration or loss of shine, be sure to wipe over your jewellery after being worn. This will help get rid of any natural oils left on the metal, thus prolonging their natural shine. This is super important for our Swarovski crystal earrings. The natural oils from your ears can create a ‘film’ on the metal. To avoid this take a lint-free cloth and carefully swipe over them, that’ll keep them as good as new!

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Size Guide

 Ring Size Guide





















 Bracelet Size Guide   












Measuring Ring Size

- Wrap a piece of string or dental floss around the base of your finger

- Use a pen to mark the string where the end meets

- Use a ruler and measure the string in millimetres (mm)

- Choose the closest measurement on the chart below to find your ring size

Please ensure you are measuring correctly

Naadiya wears a UK SIZE O / Medium in all rings.

Naadiya wears a UK S / 7inch in all bracelets.

The same finger on the opposite hand may be a different size. To choose correctly; Measure the specific finger you are planning on wearing it on.
Remember to leave enough room for your knuckle.

For further sizing help, feel free to contact us at sales@justnaadiyas.com



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