There's No Place Like Home - Swarovski Jewellery to Match Your Outfit

Swarovski jewellery is always a stunning accessory. Earrings, especially, can add a certain sense of style and vibe to your outfit. You can change up the whole look by the change of a pair of earrings. You can dress up an outfit for an occasion and also mute it down by simple pieces. No one tends to believe how much of an impact Swarovski jewellery can make – till they wear it. Ever heard that saying don't knock it till you try it? (Think its food-related lol but still relatable!). Seriously Swarovski crystal earrings are game-changers.

So, I would always say to each of our customers. Choose a pair of Swarovski earrings that suit your face shape. Flatter your face and add character to your features. Your bone structure will dictate what type of Swarovski earrings suit you. You're probably thinking what? Is she serious? Yes, I am! Just keep reading.

For oval and round face shapes, we recommend longer style Swarovski crystal earrings or hoop styles. These are the most flattering however I know I have quite a round face and love wearing simple round studs so obviously it's a complete personal choice when it comes to choosing your swarovski jewellery.

Heart or square-shaped faces? We recommend round or teardrop style Swarovski earrings. These styles add balance to the lower part of the face, creating asymmetry. Faces with small, fine bone structure should choose delicate styles of Swarovski crystal earrings that complement their beauty. Large, or chunky styles overpower those with finer features and shape. Those with large stunning features and a more solid bone structure can wear the bigger and more opulent style of Swarovski earrings.

Our favourite studs: LOLA SWAROVSKI SILVER PRINCESS STUD EARRINGS - A beautiful pair of earrings that have a large princess cut Swarovski crystal set between four prongs. Simple and elegant for a minimal glam look.

Our favourite drop earrings: SAHAR SWAROVSKI SILVER DROP EARRINGS - Beautifully designed and crafted our Sahar Swarovski earrings are made up of pear, oval and round cut crystals with a round stud top. A unique design that's never seen before with detailed to perfection. The setup of the design gives these a unique look.

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