The Art of Gifting – When you don’t know their Size!

One of the hardest parts to gifting is not knowing their size. And guessing? Argh! We know just how painful that is. We’ve tried our best to provide you with good quality imagery and descriptions, so this way it’s a little bit easier to decide. The beauty with our Swarovski jewellery and in particular our Swarovski crystal earrings is, there’s no need to worry about the size. From your classic studs to our elegant drop earrings, our Swarovski jewellery is designed with every type of style in mind.

Our most popular section for gifting is our Swarovski crystal earrings. Especially during quarantine, a lot of our customers opted for our Swarovski earrings as gifts. It’s the easiest when people haven’t seen their family member or friend in a while, and they are estimating their wrist size from a picture (Ha!). Save yourself the hassle and shop our earring collection worry-free.

Our most popular pair bought as a gift is our Swarovski heart earrings - £55. Our Cia Swarovski heart earrings are heart-shaped cut crystals set between three prongs with outer heart halo detail. Sparkling detail with a weighted feel for a real sense of luxury. Simple design yet stunning when worn. Wear solo for a statement look or pair with other stud earrings for an authentic feel of opulence.

Another favourite over the past few months are our Zara Swarovski crystal earrings. Beautifully designed with attention to detail, our Zara earrings are a large emerald-cut Swarovski crystal set between 4 hidden prongs with halo detail. The craftsmanship and detail are impeccable and are a must for the wardrobe. Whatever the occasion, perfect as glam statement pieces. A medium fit design to suit all shapes and sizes of ears!

Don’t have pierced ears? Not to worry, we’ve got it covered. Five staple favourites in our Swarovski jewellery collection are our Swarovski adjustable bracelets. Bali, Sao Paulo, Rome, Delhi and Tokyo are all stunning Swarovski adjustable bracelets to fit most general wrist sizes from 6-9inches. Each bracelet has a unique cut of crystal, followed by intricate design work and finished in sterling silver with sterling silver banding. They are the ultimate Bees Knees!

Now we’ve mentioned several Swarovski jewellery products that are the perfect present. We hope this makes it a little easier for you to decide!

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Aisha R

Love this! Just purchased the heart Cia swarovski earrings! X

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