Let your hands do the talking – Swarovski Rings tips for 2021

The new 'norm' is online work, meetings and catch-ups. We've got the perfect style guide on exactly how to look put together – Swarovski jewellery edition – even when you're not feeling it! Whether you're going for a classic and straightforward approach of one statement Swarovski ring or you've decided on wearing multiple Swarovski rings stacked up or across your fingers, the versatility within the styles ensures that you'll never be bored.

Follow our Swarovski ring style guide below on exactly how to master the ring party stack whatever the occasion:

  • Experimentation:

Choose from some of our favourite Swarovski crystal rings styles and mix and match. Experiment with different rings focusing on ones that best reflect you and your mood; Cut, colour, halo or no halo, thick and thin bands, etc.

  • Balance:

All Swarovski jewellery is pretty versatile. So if you prefer an understated and elegant look, we would recommend looking at more of our thin bands such as Camilla or Zeda. Stacking these Swarovski rings across your hands will create a minimalist yet sparkly look. Perfect if you don't want lots of attention.

  • Metal:

All of our Swarovski crystal rings come in 925 sterling silver. All of these are accredited silver with a hallmark. This is an easy way to ensure you're getting the best quality in terms of longevity and durability.

  • Double-Up:

Now you've chosen your favourite Swarovski ring styles. Stack'em up! Wear two rings together and add another and then another. No sparkle is ever too much. Is it?

Now, you've got these little tips and tricks. You can express yourself through your style and our Swarovski jewellery.

Are you feeling inspired? Now is the time to check out our Swarovski crystal ring collection. We promise, you won't be disappointed.

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