Swarovski Pearl Earrings: Fashions Most Timeless Jewellery Trend

It’s no secret pearl earrings have been trending since the start of fashion. From ancient Greek royals to cultured pearls created by K. Mikimoto in Japan in 1893. To the icon Coco Chanel using layers of pearls draped over her shoulders in portraits in 1936 to Audrey Hepburn playing Holly Golighty at Breakfast at Tiffany’s where we see an unforgettable outfit featuring a black Givenchy dress and multi strand pearl necklace, similar to Coco Chanel’s only 25 years later. Throughout the 21st century pearl earrings have been in and out of fashion, especially pearl studs. The simple and elegant style seems to never date, whatever the year, you will most likely see them drop in an out of your local high street shops or pop on the jewellery section at your favourite online stores, according to the season.
In particular Swarovski pearl earrings have been super popular over the past few years. Bringing an element of investment into the mix, to encourage people to invest in their Swarovski pearl earrings creates a twist on the norm of pearl studs. Although pearl earrings retain their class and elegance associated with gemstone, by adding Swarovski jewellery to pearl studs; It creates a whole new level of sophistication thus appealing to the market as ‘investment pieces’.
To invest in a pair of Swarovski pearl earrings is a decision you will not regret. With the beauty of the natural gemstone and crystals created by Swarovski jewellery, there is no beauty quite like it. Despite the ideas that pearl earrings should be reserved for special occasions, we believe there is no reason why you should shy away from wearing these; whenever you like! Occasion or not, a pair of pearl studs can instantly elevate any outfit.
For occasion wear we would suggest to opt for Swarovski pearl earrings. Swarovski jewellery is quality like no other. The intricate design element and high-quality materials creates an abundance of beauty within the crystal itself thus creating high shine. A perfect crystal to pair with the pearl earrings.

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