JustNaadiyas "Engaging with our audience"

A constant battle we have, our audience, who's looking? who's reading? what time should we post? how many times should we post? should we post our products everyday or just let them know we are here?

We could go on and on with never ending questions that we battle with everyday. We are already in February and the last month has been testing in all areas especially with the topic of today "Engaging with Your Audience".

Somewhere and some time ago we read that we should embrace our customers and make them the centre of our business, a "customer centric" culture, that is exactly how we are conducting ourselves at JustNaadiyas. 

There are a few changes to our site and how we value our customers; if you haven't noticed we are now offering a gift packaging service, this was entirely customer led as we had lots of enquiries, so we made it happen, and this is just in time for Valentines day.

Our second change is to introduce a review section for all the products we stock. Here at JustNaadiyas we have replenished our stock as we had sold out; but how would you know how good the product is, or how good we are at being customer centric. So what did we do? we added a product review section under each item, hopefully this will encourage feedback on how we are performing as a business. As for you, we would like to see how you liked the piece of jewellery you bought? How was the service you received? Did it meet your expectations? was the item as described? The questions and answers we receive are crucial to us personally and to our business, and we are constantly analysing our service because that's the only way we will improve and become a recognised brand.

Our next step at being more customer centric is to try and improve the functionality of the website, we will be forever working on this as we want our customers feeling loved during and after they have visited our site. We have worked on the following :

JustNaadiyas, how the website flows.

The Images.

The Wording.

Loading time of the website and the pages.

We have even learned coding, and that did take us by surprise! We will keep working on being customer focussed and working on areas that will need to be improved. We are already in the process of talking to several manufacturers and suppliers so that we can improve your shopping experience at JustNaadiyas.

The next step we intend to focus on, is to share the love we have received from our customers; if you look through our website there no reviews from our fantastic clients and there are so many of you who have come back to us again and again.

As you may have seen from our instagram bio, we also source Jewellery for our customers but have yet to promote this service, so over the next month we will endeavour to improve in this crucial area.

So as you can see a busy start to the year and to add to all of the above we have been increasing the products on the website. With the launch of SS20 collection, the Essence Swarovski Collection and the imminent launch of the Menswear collection, we have been very active; Valentines day is round the corner so here are a few ideas that we have in store for you to purchase now, here is the link for the website:  www.JustNaadiyas.com



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Purchased the Juno swarovski earrings. Absolutely adore them! x

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