It's All About The LAYERS

Most of the time… You can wing it. From dainty, intricate chains to longer, colourful necklaces, anything goes when it comes to layering jewellery. Whether it’s minimal or a statement piece, you can make that outfit come through with the jewellery. Sterling silver necklaces seem to be the hype as well as gold plated chain necklaces. The versatility of chains means - you can wear it solo for a minimal look or layered up to create a whole new look. The trend has created such jewellery flexibility, and it’s become a real vibe.

The first necklace you choose should be the shortest. It is normally a choker type – A dainty sterling silver necklace will be perfect for this, minimal enough to see but not too out there. That’s coming.

Add necklace number two, choosing a longer piece. Even a couple of centimetres longer will work. Sterling silver necklaces for women are generally dainty pieces but be sure to spice it up with a chunkier chain if you feel like it. Be sure to keep the look together by adding in different tones if you like. Gold is very complimentary on many skin tones and really elongates the soft look of a décolletage.

Your next necklace should be longer than both, but depending on the length that’s up to you. Be sure to keep the materials of them all the same. It will help prevent tarnishing from friction. Sterling silver necklaces seem to be super fashionable right now as a material to layer. So, it’s worth finding a sterling silver necklace collection from a brand. Here, at JustNaadiyas, all of our necklaces are 925 silver,which makes it very easy to browse and pick a couple (or more!)

It may be your last necklace, or you may want to continue after this. However, this one could be a long sterling silver necklace or even a minimalistic chain. In case you needed proof that minimalism is here to stay, just check your fave celebs social media. Minimalism is everywhere. And be sure to keep this one longer than the rest, it’ll help with the stacked look.

Let’s talk about a few of our most popular sterling silver necklaces for women... Our sterling silver pear drop necklace is a super simple yet effective pear drop necklace with a round cut CZ stone set in the middle. It also has an adjustable length – You can view it HERE.

Next up our gold Figaro link necklace has proven to be a huge hit so far this season. The gold-plated standout style looks great alone, but layer it with some of our other delicate necklaces in varying lengths for serious style - weighted gold links. You can check it out HERE.

Last but not least… Our Miami Cuban link necklace is made with high-quality brass metal with mini cubic zirconia stones set in each link along with the bracelet. A chunky statement piece every girl needs in her collection. View this necklace in silver or rosegold HERE.


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This was an amazing article. I really liked the way you have presented this article.


I really liked the way you have presented this wonderful article. Thank you fr sharing this amazing article.

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I am really impressed with your way of presenting the article. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.


Just ordered the figaro necklace 😍😍
Can’t wait for it to come xxx

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Love the blog Naadiya! Great tips.

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