How we celebrated our 1 anniversary with our customers

To think as a brand we are now one year old is quite surreal. As the brand director, I had so many creative ideas on how to celebrate. Unfortunately, once Covid19 hit, all those plans went out the window and instead we had to adapt to the current worldwide situation. One thing that came out of our ‘lockdown’ that I would like to happily mention was, although we were living in isolation away from each other, I had never felt more involved with our customer base. Our customer engagement has grown massively in this period and I am so proud that our small little business has been able to adapt.

We celebrated in a few ways this year, but our biggest drop was our Swarovski jewellery collection. In particular, our Swarovski rings. We launched over 15 new styles in our Swarovski crystal rings with a wide variety of style to suit all.

Once we started selling Swarovski jewellery, Swarovski rings were never in the equation. But with more and more requests, we decided to venture out. Venturing out of our comfort zone (let me tell you that) seemed nerve-racking, especially for such a young business. People sometimes say ‘better stick to what you know’ but oh boy, am I grateful for exploring. Our Swarovski crystal rings are now one of our best-selling products. We are astounded by the continued response we receive from our clients asking for more and more! This is what led us to the big drop in August, and we have never looked back. We managed to restock some favourite swarovski rings that continued to sell out and also added many different designs for our customers who are looking for something sultry, fresh and unique.

Naadiya and the team handpick each Swarovski jewellery piece. With timely deliberation and consideration for the jewellery market, trends and occasion wear. We stock some of the most stunning pieces with designs not seen on the high street. Made with solid sterling silver, we have combined luxury Swarovski crystals with a strong, durable metal to make sure your Swarovski jewellery is made to shine and last.

This is important in particular for our Swarovski rings. As rings are made for your hands, and well our hands are used for almost everything, it’s important your jewellery is protected and even more so now antibacterial hand gels/soaps are becoming the new normal. Soaps, gels, water, moisturisers and many more can affect the quality of your jewellery. By having your Swarovski crystal rings in sterling silver, this can help it last.

Make sure to check out the Swarovski collection.


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