Finding the perfect Sterling Silver Ring?

From super extra cocktail rings to elegant and classic eternity bands, sterling silver rings are your go-to with everything. We have previously mentioned why sterling silver as a metal for jewellery is so worthwhile. Due to its versatility and durability, the metal is soft enough to be engraved or moulded into various styles. Realistically, you can do everything with it. Sterling silver rings are also super popular because of their lifetime and incredible value. You can pick a sterling silver ring up from various places without the £££ price tag!

So now you’re probably thinking, how do I find the ONE? That perfect sterling silver ring that pretty much makes your hand look like a million dollars? Let’s talk designs. The solitaire style is a classic customarily made up of one stone set in a three, four or six-prong setting. The prong setting depends on what type of cut the stone is. The solitaire style is a beautiful, timeless piece and perfect as a staple sterling silver ring.

Next up, the Halo style. The halo consists of a central stone boarded with a halo of mini gemstones. A lot more time and work go into creating the halo style ring as each gemstone has its gem setting. This style has become very popular in silver rings for women, especially in recent months. We think this is due to its intricate design work. It’s an eye-catcher statement ring.

Eternity bands: Eternity rings are normally a sterling silver band with rows of stones around the circumference of the ring. Typically speaking, each stone is the exact same cut and setting to give the ring a uniform appearance which also means everlasting love. Hence, the name eternity. An eternity band is a classic staple ring but truly complimentary on the finger. This is a style that can transform 0 to 100. Eternity bands are super popular as sterling silver rings, and we have a variety of designs on our website for you to choose from our wide range of Swarovski Silver Rings.

If you wanted to push the boat out – Double banding in sterling silver rings is very quickly becoming a new trend. The design was originally made for engagement rings, but now I think it’s safe to say – ANY style goes. Whether you’re wearing it on occasions or to your local supermarket, why not feel glam. At JustNaadiyas, we stock an array of glam cocktail rings but one in particular with double banding – Our Venus Swarovski Ring, cushion cut Swarovski Crystal with fine intricate Halo Detail and Double Banding.

Last but not least, the art deco inspired rings. Clean or raw edges, geometric shapes and faceted gems are very complimentary. Not a popular choice as a sterling silver ring but definitely in Swarovski crystal. We stock various art deco styles including baguette, oval and round cut brilliant crystals in ring styles. They are super popular as dainty timeless pieces that our customers love! An example of this would be our Sorrento Swarovski Ring, a delicate baguette-cut Swarovski crystal set between 4 prongs on sterling silver banding. Beautifully hand-designed and crafted.

Find your perfect Sterling Silver Ring with JustNaadiyas!

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