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Jewellery gives a reflection of who you are. Whether it’s a casual occasion, or are you willing to give a gift, it becomes a part of your life. No matter which ring you wear, with every new year and new trends, new styles make you crave to obtain the newest glitz and glamor!

Jewellery for both Men and Women

We have jewellery and accessories for every occasion from a dinner, to an event and even your wedding! With exceptional customer service and guaranteed quality, JustNaadiyas is the brand you can trust blindly.

The formal occasions are those occasions where everyone wants to look perfect. Whether you're a man or a woman, you want to look on point aswell as unique from others. This is where you can shop with us. We take note of high street fashion trends but also make it our mission to bring you something new and different each month. We stock the latest trends aswell as unique designs to make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Our SWAROVSKI range is filled with Earrings, Rings and Bracelets. All designed from the purest Sterling Silver provididng you with high quality silver that is guranteed to not rush. All our Sterling Silver is 925 Hallmarked to ensure you know exactly what you're buying. Our Swarovski Range is a special new collection we have only just recently introduced - Each Swarovski Crystal is engraved for authentication. Each purchase from our Swarovski Range also comes with a special auethication card to prove again, you know what you are buying. It is imperative to us that our customers have all the information needed to make an informed purchase. We maake it our best effort to ensure an honest, reliable service here at JustNaadiyas.

 The latest MENS RANGE!

In 2020 everyone is moving towards entrepreneurship and satisfying your client is the biggest challenge. No matter how many times you continuously try to perfect your presentation, the first appearance of a person is always the one that stays in the head. No need to worry, JustNaadiyas has got your back.

Most men have an eye for jewellery, whether that be a bracelet, chain or a watch. We just launched our first MENS RANGE. This is an incredible achievement for JustNaadiyas as it is something we initially never thought about stocking. Due to high demand we are now stockists of Sterling Silver bracelets and chains aswell as Cuban Link jewellery and mens rings. We are the perfect solution for you.


These events shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to jewellery & accessories. Casual parties and gatherings are too common in this era. Where you meet friends & family after a working week; you always want to look fresh and glowing. For these events, our high quality SS20 Collection is just a click away and the perfect collection for everyday or an understated look.

We also launched a second collection this month - SS20

Our Spring/Summer 2020 Collection is one we endevour to keep up until Autumn. SS20 was designed as a ready to wear collection. Bringing you innotive new desings each month to keep you up to date with the latest trends. This collection holds jewellery for everyday wear, aswell as understated pieces, barely - there pieces and casual pieces. Our SS20 includes Rings, Bracelets and Earrings. 


So what are you waiting for? Delivery? No, that's not an excuse. At JustNaadiyas, you are guaranteed fast delivery timescales - 1/3 working days from your order. If you would like your jewellery to be delivered earlier, for a small charge extra, that's also not a problem just get in touch with the team. So it’s never too late to order for your favourite piece of jewellery for that special occasion. Is your order for a special person? Lucky them! Just tick the box for Gift Wrapping at checkout so we can package the order using our most luxurious packaging! 

 What You See - Is What You Get 

A hassle-free shopping experience is an aim to we are continuously trying to acheive at JustNaadiyas. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional customer service by ensuring our products have specific quality assured images and descriptions.

We have recently integrated 'Real Life View' images on to our product pages on our website which features our products on a hand - We hope this will help clear up any queries or concerns customers may have on the appearnce of the product.

Rest assured if you have any queries about our products or services you can easily contact us through email: 


Alizeh Rangoonwala

I love your designs! This is very well written. Keep it up you are doing very well.


Love the new pictures on a hand makes the jewellery so much easier to view😍


Super informative! Love this blog! So easy to read💓


Love the swraovski range so many beautiful pieces! I want them all!

Nicola Green

Love this Naadiya! Great work xx

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