Best Gift for Girls - Sterling Silver Earrings by Just Naadiyas

Many associate sterling silver earrings with being ‘too expensive’, while others believe sterling silver is not good enough quality. It’s just a ‘cheap alternative’ for a pure metal like white gold for them. Here we’re going to discuss why you SHOULD buy sterling silver earrings and why they are PERFECT as gifts.

The use of sterling silver jewellery has widely increased in the past couple of years with many jewellery designers using sterling silver for its durability, beauty and flexibility. Whether you’re on the hunt for everyday accessories or a timeless statement piece no doubt you will probably find sterling silver jewellery in the chicest designs, especially Earrings!

Sterling silver earrings are one of the most common types of metal for earrings due to their malleability and durability when looked after they can be an excellent investment for everyday essentials. There are endless options when it comes down to designs too. We have a whole category dedicated to sterling silver earrings due to its popularity - they’re always going to be in fashion! You can browse of atleast 40+ styles in sterling silver earrings and over 30+ styles in our Swarovski sterling silver range. I’m sure you might find a piece (or 10!) that you like.

So now you’re thinking, why is it perfect for a gift? When I think of gifts for someone, I instantly think of jewellery. It’s something most people wear and especially earrings. So, let’s talk all things hypoallergenic! Sterling silver earrings don’t contain the added metal that other earrings do that can cause an allergic reaction with some people. With sterling silver earrings, you can be confident that it most likely won’t cause a reaction due to it being nickel and lead-free. You might see them stickers on specific packaging - that’s what it means it doesn’t have the added rubbish. They are also super easy to maintain, and the aftercare is basic but essential and a MUST. However, it’s not something to worry about. I know far too many people who don’t wear their jewellery because they are scared of it rusting. All silver can tarnish over time - especially if it’s not worn often enough, but here’s the good news - with the right aftercare, sterling silver earrings are so easy to keep. You can read our blog for Jewellery Aftercare Tips.

With sterling silver’s incredible versatility, it is widely used in the UK and many other countries around the world. With many designs along the high street and online, you are bound to find a company selling sterling silver earrings UK based. Keeping up with trends can be super tiring, especially fast fashion jewellery trends, but the popularity means it’s not going to die out anytime soon. Do a quick search for “sterling silver earrings UK”, and you could have them the next day! JustNaadiyas offers an option for next day delivery too. So when you’ve left that gift a bit too late, and you’re panicking, worry not - we’ve got you covered.

You can browse the whole collection of sterling silver earrings UK. Look no further!

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