All you need to know when it comes to buying Pearl Earrings

We’re giving you the ultimate down low on all things pearl this season. Molluscs which produce natural pearls are super rare these days. Due to their rarity, they are no doubt on the pricier side when you do find them. This century we’re in the era of cultured pearls. Cultured pearl earrings usually derive from pearl farms and typically include some input from us. I think the real beauty in cultured pearls is the human design input we have into them; it allows us to recreate and add to designs, and that in itself is beautiful.

If you are looking at something organic, original and does not include human touch, go for – Freshwater pearl earrings. Freshwater pearls are widely available across the jewellery market and include great value. You also have the option of sea-water pearls, derived from Tahitian sea beds (generally) and stunning in colour, but no real difference to your freshwater pearl earrings, besides the hefty price tag!

Each pearl stud is generally an off-round shape. Hardly any are perfectly round, and that’s ok. That’s the organic look. You can also find oval and baroque shapes that are widely used in pearl studs too. When it comes to Swarovski jewellery; Our pearl earrings are freshwater pearls, but due to the nature of their colour, many have been dyed to bring out the lustre in the pearl stud. Other freshwater pearl earrings that we stock are generally an off-white/cream colour as this is the most popular (untouched) colour for freshwater pearls.

When I mentioned lustre in our Swarovski jewellery, I talk about the lustre in light intensity. Meaning the light reflecting off the surface of the pearl. Lustre is the key to a good pearl. Lustre gives the natural shine to the surface of the pearl stud. It makes it look elegant and beautiful. Our Swarovski pearl earrings are super beautiful as they have an excellent lustre to them, known to impact people’s eyes!

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